Eurocon 2022 registration opened!

While organizing, we ran into a number of important issues, which we need to share with you. Not a nice read, but we choose to lay it out on the table as it is.

It became clear that, partially due to Covid related economic effects, the financial picture had to be recalibrated: several cost items cannot be calculated anymore at the rates which we managed to keep static for serveral years. With consequences.

Rest assured, we have spent many nights discussing the feasibility with our eyes on you all, and the essence of the Eurocon.

What does this mean? / What is different for 2022?
For the upcoming 2022 Eurocon:

  • The fee needs to increase and will be set at € 300.
  • We will cut out the Event in 2022.
  • We must have, before the end of December, a minimum of 35 registered attendees.
  • Cancellation (and refund of fees already paid by then) will be the only option if we do not meet this number of registered attendees.

Any options?

  • Should you be so willing and able to donate for an Event, that’s possible. If so, let us know via email, so we can see to what amount donations would add up to.

And for 2023?

  • The Nieuwe Erf (Con location) already announced an additional price increase for 2023. We expect this increment to add up to about € 50, and this will effect the fee for 2023 as well.

We confirm that organizing the Eurocon has more financial challenges to deal with in 2022 onwards.
Nevertheless we see plenty of opportunities to organize a great Eurocon and are confident we can offer you a great and all inclusive Event with food, drinks and stay with old and new friends.

So scramble and spread the word! We need You to reach the magical 35 and assure the 2022 Eurocon!

Register here!