We run our own mission called 1st ROF VBG (Virtual Battleground) on our server.
This is a 24/7 coop mission where it’s goal is to complete the main objective and all its side objectives. These objectives are randomly generated.
At mission start you have limited supplies and will need to find ammo crates, load them up and return them to your base. You will also earn rewards by completing missions. These rewards are tanks, trucks, boats and helicopters etc.

You will need to work together to accomplish your mission.

1st ROF members have there own private inventories where they may store equipment. Before logging off you will need to return your equipment to the base.
There is a mobile spawn available to the mission area and also the possibility to recruit AI to take them along if you are playing alone.

Our current mission is available for Altis & Tanoa.

Required mods
You will need to have installed the following mods to connect to the server.

– CBA_A3 Steam workshop
– Task Force Arrowhead Radio 0.9.12 [Link]

Optional mods
The following mods are optional but highly recommended

– ShackTac User Interface Steam workshop
– Achilles * Steam workshop
– Advanced Sling Loading ** Steam workshop
– Advanced Rappelling ** Steam workshop

* Only for 1st ROF Officers for ZEUS interaction
** Not required to install as this is also supllied automatically in the mission