The 1stROF was founded by Lapwin and Zepher in 1997.
Once upon a time we had a great write up about our founding and history. This is however lost in the past years and someone still needs to redo that 🙂

We where originally formed as a Warbirds Squadron and we are inspired by the Dutch 322nd squadron. We where actually the first 322nd virtual squad you know.

The 1st ROF has the following members:

  • Lapwin (Retired: Commanding Officer)
  • Zepher (Executive Officer)
  • Flower
  • Bijl
  • Postme
  • Stevie (Active: Commanding Officer)
  • Sweepy
  • Bigbit
  • Jayveel
  • Speijk
  • Sascha

In memoriam, gone but not forgotten.

  • Ragge
  • Missed

On leave

  • mrbean
  • ceesie
  • noortj
  • -frin-
  • =sqtc=
  • carded
  • Vultur